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Anti-Scalent chemical

Genesys LS

Genesys LS is a broad spectrum, low phosphorous antiscalant for use in potable sea-water Reverse Osmosis and Nano-Filtration systems, both large and small. By inhibiting all scaling species, Genesys LS allows systems to be designed and operated at high rates of recovery.



  • Suitable for Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Nano-Filtration (NF) membranes

  • Particularly effective in high pressure systems working at 50-60% recovery

  • Compatible with all polyamide membranes

  • Approved for use in drinking water applications (UKDWI)

  • Highly cost effective alternative to SHMP and sulphuric acid

  • Inhibits common scales

    • Calcium carbonate/sulphate

    • Calcium phosphate

    • Barium/Strontium sulphate

    • Silica

    • Iron/Manganese

  • NSF listed

 Health and Safety

  • Genesys LS is an aqueous solution of neutralised phosphonates and is approved for use in drinking water applications. Genesys LS is compatible with carbon steel and all commonly used materials of construction.

 Application/Industries Served

  • Genesys LS should be dosed continuously to the feed water upstream of the cartridge filters. Typical dosage rates are <1-2 mg/l.

  • Under NSF listing the Genesys LS dose rate in the feed water should be less than 5 mg/L in potable water systems.

  • The optimum dosage rate can be calculated using the Genesys Membrane Master software.

  • Genesys LS can be diluted and is fully miscible with water in all proportions.

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