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Antiscalant Polyphosphate Crystal Filter Cartridge

High Efficiency Antiscalant Polyphosphate Crystal Filter Cartridge 10-Inches Clear Silicon Phosphorus Crystal Water Filter

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Contains crystals of sodium polyphosphates and calcium (scale inhibitor) to prevent the formation of deposits.
This action is to fight against the limestone isolating the calcium and preventing them from combining with bicarbonate in order not to form tartar.

Protection of pipes, fittings, showers, washing machines, boilers etc..

Compatible cartridge for drinking water. Conforms to EU 98/83CE.


Use :

protection for the heating system, heat exchangers, reverse osmosis units protection, protection

industrial systems of water supply and other facilities requiring water.
Lifetime : 1 year
Maintenance : none
Note : It is good to install a sediment filter to protect the cartridge polyphosphate.
Terms of Use :
Maximum temperature 35°C
Treatment for maximum hardness 50°F (500ppm CaCO3)
Notes: The hot water until 75-80°C can be treated easily, over and above this temperature the
polyphosphates have more effect.
Weight : 960 g
Length : 258 mm
Width : 95 mm

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