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Automatic Clack Valve

Model: WS1TC

Brand: Clack


The WS1TC valve utilizes digital control technology, allowing for precise and reliable operation in water softening applications.

The valve is equipped with an intuitive user interface, featuring a digital display and simple controls for easy programming and operation.

The valve controls the regeneration process, including backwashing, brining, and rinsing, to effectively remove accumulated hardness minerals from the resin bed and restore its capacity for softening water.

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The Clack WS1TC control valve is a premier water conditioning control system designed for residential and commercial applications. It offers robust construction and a state-of-the-art microprocessor to manage all aspects of water softening or filtration systems.


Features and Benefits:

  • Microprocessor Control: Features a solid-state microprocessor with front panel settings for easy access and control.

  • Flow Rates: Service flow rate of 27 GPM with backwash capability servicing up to 22" diameter tanks.

  • Multiple Regeneration Triggers: Regeneration can be initiated in four ways - immediate meter, delayed meter, time clock delayed, or pressure differential.

  • LCD Display: Front panel LCD display shows time of day, days until next regeneration, volume remaining, current flow rate, and total volume used.

  • Efficient Regeneration: Optional double backwash feature enhances regeneration, cleaning ability, and efficiency.

  • Programmable Cycles: Fully adjustable 6-cycle control for precise backwash, brining, and service operations.

  • Easy Installation: Comes with a 12-volt output AC Adapter for safe and straightforward installation.

  • Reliability: Features a reliable and proven DC drive.

  • Regenerant Refill: Includes treated water regenerant refill with a 24-hour clock.

  • Battery Backup: Coin Cell Lithium battery backup with an 8-hour carry-over.


Technical Specifications:

  • Model: Clack WS1TC Valve

  • Service Flow Rate: 27 GPM (102 LPM)

  • Backwash Flow Rate: 27 GPM (102 LPM)

  • Valve Size: 1" Control Valve

  • Tank Compatibility: Up to 22" diameter

  • Regeneration Options: Meter immediate, meter delayed, time clock delayed, pressure differential

  • Electrical: 12-volt output AC Adapter

  • Battery Backup: 8-hour carry-over

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