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40W UV Ballast

Model: BA-2040W



The 40W ballast is designed to provide efficient power delivery to the UV sterilizer system, ensuring optimal performance while minimizing energy consumption.

The ballast is specifically matched to power a 6-24 GPM UV sterilizer system

The system includes a fault indicator feature that alerts users to any issues or malfunctions within the UV sterilizer system.

The 40W ballast powering a 6-24 GPM UV water sterilizer system with a fault indicator offers efficient power delivery, compatibility, fault detection capabilities, user-friendly design, safety features, durability, compact size, easy installation, and warranty/support options for reliable and effective water sterilization.


Product Specifications:

Watts: 20-40W


CE 120V(50/60Hz)

Function indicator

Damage buzzer

Fuse & temperature protection

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