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40W UV Ballast With Timer

Model: BA-2040W-T



The 40W ballast is designed to provide efficient power delivery to the UV sterilizer system, ensuring optimal performance while minimizing energy consumption.

The ballast is specifically matched to power a 12-24 GPM UV sterilizer system

The system includes a fault indicator feature that alerts users to any issues or malfunctions within the UV sterilizer system.

The integrated timer allows users to set monitor sterilization durations, ensuring that water is adequately exposed to UV light for the required time to achieve effective disinfection.

The 40W ballast with a fault indicator & timer offers efficient power delivery, compatibility, fault detection capabilities, user-friendly design, safety features, durability, compact size, easy installation, and warranty/support options for reliable and effective water sterilization.


Product Specifications:

Watts: 20-40W


CE 120V(50/60Hz)

Function indicator

Damage buzzer

Fuse & temperature protection

Accumulated Timer

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