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AQUAPRO 7 Stage RO System + UV System

Model: AP-600W-UV1-GST3



Removes sediment, sand, rust, and other large particles from the water

Removes chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, volatile organic compounds, taste, odor, color.

Utilizes reverse osmosis technology to remove dissolved solids, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants.

Prevents scale formation by inhibiting the precipitation of minerals, protecting plumbing fixtures, &appliances,

Eliminates up to 99% of Bacteria, Viruses, & Germs through a 1 Gallon Per Minute Ultra Violet System

Download PDF • 478KB

Our 6-stage under-sink RO system ensures clean, great-tasting water. It removes particles, chlorine, odors, and dissolved solids while preventing mineral buildup & eliminates bacteria, & viruses through the Ultra Violet system. Enjoy pure water right from your tap!

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