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Domestic High Pressure Switch

Model: SWHP-1



The switch activates or deactivates the RO system based on a pre-set pressure level.

It automatically shuts off the production of water when the RO unit's storage tank is full.

High-pressure switches are rated for specific electrical voltages and currents, ensuring they are compatible with the electrical systems of various RO units.

Durable materials that can withstand the water pressure and the environment in which they are installed.

A high-pressure switch is a crucial component of an RO system, responsible for controlling the operation based on tank pressure and water availability.

High-Pressure Switch Functionality:

  1. Role in RO System: The high-pressure switch plays a critical role in RO systems by safeguarding the high-pressure pump from damage that could be caused by running without water. It detects water pressure and ensures that the pump operates only when there is sufficient water supply.

  2. Operation Mechanism: This switch is designed to turn off the RO unit when the storage tank pressure reaches approximately two-thirds of the incoming line pressure to prevent over-pressurization and potential tank blowout.

  3. Automatic Shutoff: It is part of the automatic shutoff mechanism, which is a safety feature that stops the water flow when the storage tank is full, thus saving water and preventing the unnecessary operation of the RO system.

  4. Construction: High-pressure switches for RO systems are made from durable materials that can withstand the water pressure and the environment in which they are installed. This could include various plastics and metals that are resistant to corrosion.

Importance in Water Filtration Process:

  1. Water Conservation: Without a high-pressure switch, an RO system could continually run, leading to excessive water waste. These switches help in conserving water, which is particularly crucial in areas with water scarcity.

  2. Prolonging Equipment Lifespan: By preventing the RO system from operating when the tank is full or when there is insufficient water pressure, the high-pressure switch prolongs the life of the RO membrane and pump.

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