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Inline Mix-Bed Resin Filter

Model: AMIC-25



The filter contains a mixture of cation and anion exchange resins in a single column. These resins work together to remove dissolved ions, including minerals, salts, and metals, from water through ion exchange processes.

The mixed bed resin inline filter ensures the removal of dissolved ions and contaminants, producing ultrapure water suitable for sensitive laboratory applications.

 By removing dissolved ions, the mixed bed resin filter produces high-purity water with low conductivity and total dissolved solids (TDS) levels, meeting stringent water quality standards and specifications.

Mixed bed resin inline filter offers comprehensive ion removal, high-purity water production, regenerable design, inline configuration, compact size, easy installation and maintenance, high flow rates, durable construction, and compatibility with various water treatment applications, making it an essential component for achieving water purity and quality objectives in diverse industries and settings.


This inline filter features 1/4" female threaded inlet and outlet connections, designed to seamlessly connect with a corresponding 1/4" male threaded connector for efficient filtration.

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