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Manual Valve

Model: F56A

Brand: Runxin


The WS1TC valve utilizes digital control technology, allowing for precise and reliable operation in water softening applications.

The valve is equipped with an intuitive user interface, featuring a digital display and simple controls for easy programming and operation.

The valve controls the regeneration process, including backwashing, brining, and rinsing, to effectively remove accumulated hardness minerals from the resin bed and restore its capacity for softening water.

Our selection of manual valves offers durable and reliable flow control solutions suitable for a range of applications. Available in 1" and 2" sizes, these valves are designed for ease of operation and longevity in various industrial, commercial, and residential settings.


1" Manual Valve

Key Features:
  • Size: 1" NPT connections

  • Body Material: High-quality PVC for chemical resistance

  • Handle: Lever-type, for easy operation

  • Pressure Rating: Suitable for up to 150 PSI


2" Manual Valve

Key Features:
  • Size: 2" NPT connections

  • Body Material: Industrial-grade PVC to withstand harsh conditions

  • Handle: Large T-handle for enhanced leverage and easy operation

  • Pressure Rating: Capable of handling up to 150 PSI



1" Manual Ball Valve

2" Manual Ball Valve

Connection Size:

1" NPT

2" NPT

Body Material:



Handle Type:



Maximum Pressure:

150 PSI

150 PSI

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